The best corporate and special events band on the planet

The ultimate musical group for corporate and special events

 Moments distinguishes itself through its unmatched versatility,

Led by Meir Buchbinder, a graduate of the Jerusalem Music Academy,

Music Director/Pianist/Orchestra Composer with 35 years in the music industry. 

The show offers an extensive repertoire In 15  Languages, from the 1960s to contemporary R&B, Hip Hop, pop, Latin, Jewish and Israeli Music and Specializes in Middle Eastern tunes.

With vibrant choreography to Las Vegas tributes and a dedicated fashion designer, each performance is a visually stunning experience.What sets “Moments Entertainment” apart is its ability to tailor performances to any event, whether it’s a family gathering, corporate launch, presidential event, or haute couture fashion show. With a track record of 14 years, performing in over 31 countries at prestigious events like Governments events. TV shows and fashion events, 

“Moments Entertainment” guarantees an electrifying atmosphere that keeps guests dancing all night long. 

It’s not just a show;
it’s an unforgettable experience crafted to make your event truly special✨️