Magicians and Illusionist

Everybody loves magicians and illusionist. From closeup magic to mind blowing stage shows. Perfect for special events and corporate parties. You even can have your host magically appear.These are award winning magicians and illusionist that are available for booking. Magicians perform illusions to mystify and entertain audiences. They use quick hand movements and a variety of other techniques to perform classic tricks such as pulling a rabbit out of a hat or making a handkerchief disappear. They often use props, such as illusion boxes, scarves, cards, and coins. Magicians may perform in front of small audiences or entertain thousands of people in large theaters or on television. They generally work alone, but may have one or two assistants help with more involved performances. Because most magicians work independently, it is difficult to determine how many are working; the Society of American Magicians has about 8,500 members. Be sure to click on an image to view their promo.

William Bradshaw

Landon Swank

Jeff McBride

Nicholas Silva