Another Journey

Tribute to Journey

Tribute to Journey”ANOTHER JOURNEY” 
is currently the greatest live international Journey tribute show to ever hit the stage. Established in 2011 with a live show that captures the very essence of such a world renowned band with amazing
note for note power and accuracy. 
We unlike others that are basically known as just a Journey Cover band technically with Vocalist who try their hardest with their Falsetto and out of Pitch singing as well as without the slightest appearance to the band Journey to at least try to give you your moneys worth.
Tribute to Journey”ANOTHER JOURNEY” 
is unsurpassed !
We focus on the “Steve Perry era,”when the original Journey rose to the worldwide success that still continues to this day With a twist ! as if Steve Perry never left the band and capture today,s show as well as their past shows.
Fans everywhere can attest that 
experiencing this most accurate band
Tribute to Journey “ANOTHER JOURNEY” 
is like watching Journey at it’s best, as if Steve Perry never left the band and is a fantastic reproduction of Journey . 
Rising to the top of their trade with an excellence that can only be rivaled by Journey itself as they perform all of Journeys classic hits. 
This show is available as a 60-90 or a 
120 minute live concert performance.
If you are a true Journey fan, this is a 
“MUST SEE” performance for any venue or event . Once you have experienced 
​ Tribute to Journey ANOTHER JOURNEY recreates the look… the sound… and the songs known the world over,